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Sleek and sophisticated, swift and luxurious, the Spyker C8 Spyder SWB is built for the car aficionado elite. Dripping with strikingly intricate details such as its aviation-inspired Chronoswiss dashboard, four-spoke propeller steering wheel, exposed gear linkage and option for a custom made-to-fit Louis Vuitton luggage set for the trunk, the Spyker experience is unlike any other in the luxury automotive universe. With its sexy lines, Spyker's proportions are perfectly balanced: the long overhang at the nose and the short rear section of the car give it a dynamic, powerful elegance. Part retro and all class, Spyker's doors life up from the ground to invite the driver in for a true taste of driving luxury. The key itself is unlike any other car key as it is simply an alloy disc with four buttons on one side and a watch glass to the reverse to show the internal electronics. One button unlocks the doors and switches off the immobilizer, another unlocks the trunk/engine compartment, while the other two buttons (L and R) release each of the doors. Anything on the car that is not machined and polished aluminum is covered with quilted leather and alcantara. Spyker's rich heritage spans back more than a century and incorporates racing and aviation in its designs. Founded in 1898 by brothers, Jacobus and Hendrik- Jan Spijker, coach builders in Amsterdam who built their first Mercedes Benz-engined motor car that won them immediate acclaim for the craftsmanship of their bodywork. In ...

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